【  picochu / gummy / tonny  】【  28・he/they/it・🇺🇸  】【  digital artist and professional freak  】

  • guy who draws funny shit

  • nominated for "ugliest pony artist of the year" award

  • ate a 30-ounce goldfish carton in one sitting and regretted nothing

  • artist and conceptualizer for antonymph, og designer of flutt-gir-shy (as "voreburger")

  • designated title "scp-1337-j"

[ picochu・gummy・tonny ]
[ he/him・they/them・it/its ]
[ transmasc aceflux gay ]


・fast food / burgers・
・aliens / space・
・y2k / old web・
・emojis / smileys・
・viruses and malware・
・liminal spaces・
・plushies + toys・
・sea life・
・lost media・
・funny meme ha ha funny・
・throwing rocks at horny people・
・original characters・
・misc. cute shit・
・cool blood gore kill (fictional)・


my little ponytouhou project
when they cryroblox
neopetsclub penguin
sonicyume nikki
kingdom heartsitemlabel
steven univ.precure

commission info

commissions are currently: open to friends / acquaintances

Style (brush)Bust / SmallFull BodyFull Piece (Detailed BG)
Pixel / Binary (Small, Animated)$10$15N/A
Pixel / Binary (Large)$20$25 ~ $30$50
Smooth$30$50$100 ~ $120
Fuzzy (Thin or Thick)$40$60$120+

additional characters are +$10 or +$20 depending on design

blood / gorerealistic / extreme gore
suggestivensfw / kink / fetish
humans, furry (anthro + feral), pony, pokémon, etc.loli / shota / cub
general fandom crapfetishistic + "problematic" media (ex: boyfriend to death, killing stalking, tcoa&ll, pretty blood, changed)
🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟proshipping (noncon, paedo, incest)
­heavy detailed mecha + armor

general rules:

・i have the right to decline any commission.
・contact will be established via discord or any social media dm, otherwise wait until i set up another contact point.
・commissions are to be paid via paypal.
・payment shall either be in half or in full after the sketching phase.
・i allow up to 3 major changes during the lining/coloring phase, any more may result in additional charges.
・please take care in observing my personal style; i may not be able to properly draw out or convey what you're seeking, and be patient if it's something i'm not familiar with or used to drawing.